More than 1 trillion dollars. This is the approximate value of the hundred largest billionaires of technology

List is led by Bill Gates according to Forbes, Bezos and Zuckerberg comes right after.

This week, Forbes called the Richest In Tech list, and for the first time, the total wealth of the richest 100 of the technological world has reached the mark of $ 1 trillion. In the previous year, the 100 billionaires together totaled R $ 892 billion. Now the patrimony of the 100 names on the list surpasses the house of R $ 1 trillion, reaching R $ 1.08 trillion, an increase of 21% compared to the previous year.

The first on the list, of course, is the creator of the Microsoft giant, Bill Gates, who today also works in the philanthropic field with his foundation Bill & Melinda Gates. Bill Gates is not only the richest man in the technological world, but he is also the richest person in the world, with Forbes’ estimated wealth of $ 85.4 billion.

Last month, Jeff Bezos, the founder and also CEO of Amazon, even surpassed the fortunes of Bill Gates, but for a few moments alone. Jeff Bezos has an estimated fortune of $ 81.7 billion.

Just behind is Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of the world’s most famous social network, Facebook. Mark is one of the 16 billionaires on the list who is under 40 years old and is also the fifth youngest overall.

Mark Zuckerberg has increased his fortune very fast in the past year, rising $ 15.6 billion, considering that Facebook shares have increased by 34%.

First place on the list, Jeff Bezos, made as much money as Zuckerberg in the last year, his fortune increased by R $ 15.5 billion, while Amazon’s stock rose by 25%.

Check the list of top 10

1) Bill Gates (Microsoft) РUS$ 84,5 Billions

2) Jeff Bezos ( – US$ 81.7 Billions

3) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) – US$ 69.6 Billions

4) Larry Ellison (software) – US$ 59,3 Billions

5) Larry Page (Google) – US$ 43,9 Billions

6) Sergey Brin (Google) – US$ 42,7 Billions

7) Jack Ma (e-commerce) – US$ 37,4 Billions

8) Ma Huateng (internet media) – US$ 36,7 Billions

9) Steve Ballmer (Microsoft) – US$ 32,9 Billions

10) Michael Dell (Computadores Dell) – US$ 22,4 Billions


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