Get to know the 10 news that prove the future is now!

Always evolving fast as the speed of light, technology advances more with each blink we give. If we look at a few years ago, we would find it impossible to believe that technology would arrive at what it is today. And proving that technology is advancing fast, we’re going to watch futuristic movies right away and find the technologies used in the movies normal.

3D printers, Smartphones that are implantable and human work being replaced by robots. Some of these realities we have already witnessed. A survey by G.A.C, co-linked to the World Economic Forum. In this research, carried out in 2016, 21 technological trends were studied, as well as more than 750 researchers and executives important in the world of information and communication technology, all of whom were heard.

Among the studies made, the experts believe that the first to be realized is the one of the pharmaceutical robot in the United States. We know that robotics is a major influence in several health areas, but also in other productive sectors of industries and services in various sectors.

It is also expected the arrival in the market of entertainment the great bet for the future, virtual reality, or also known as augmented reality. The future of this tool is you feel as much as possible within the scenario.

Among many other items not mentioned are expected in the coming years, each with a different offer, but all with the same principle: Make the quality of life better and facilitate the day to day of several people in various places and aspects.

Let’s list here some of the most anticipated technologies that are coming or to be improved:


3D Printer


Autonomous Cars


Virtual reality


Human Gene Editing


Smart Clothes


Glasses that film


Totally Virtual Objects


Cloud computing




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