New Technology With Brain-Computer Interface With Virtual Reality Is Announced.

The company Neurar has announced its new product that goes beyond the imagined. A virtual reality product that is used as a brain-computer. Our new integrated platform is built for a single purpose: to enable developers to create new content controlled only by the brain right into virtual reality.

What was once only imagination has now become real. Your mind directly into the RV. You go out on the street and find dinosaurs walking everywhere, while ships fly in the sky, firing missiles at tanks on the ground.

With this new technology will be possible all this and more. Virtual reality has been growing and gaining more space in people’s tastes, limiting the power of the human mind, without risks, of course. There is no longer a starting point with a limit. Technology requires a new way of seeing the world and the interaction between a man and a computer.

We’ve created a facilitated way to make AR / VRs wonderfully more user-friendly. Broad passes were given with motion capture, haptics, ocular tracking and natural language processing. There is still a little effort to link reality to the computing platform, the human brain.

Neurable develops fairly innovative interfaces, such as the brain-computer for next generation computing platforms. This technology revolutionizes the way we view today’s VRs, people interact directly with the AR / VR environment using only their brain connections and activities.

The BCI brings some benefits when the subject is mixed reality, the only technology capable of providing this. Our BCIs study, analyze and create patterns of brain activity, determining the intent of its user. The technology is able to type in their own virtual keyboards and control the prosthetic limbs, unlike their brain activity. All interactions are controlled by intentions that hold great promise for mixed reality environments, where current problems with user interaction constitute a wall blocking wider adoption.

Noting that this is the best solution, a brain-computer, allowing users to access menus, select items, open applications, manipulate objects and even add text using only brain activity.

Recently the company responsible for this new technology debuted Awakening, a small sample of their new VR game created in partnership with eStudiofuture at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles. The game Awakening tells a futuristic story, bringing some strange things: the character is a child who is trapped in a science lab of the American government. Then you find out that the lab has done experiments on you and that this has given you telekinetic powers. You use these powers to be able to escape the cell, to defeat guards from a robotic prison, and finally free yourself from the lab. Awakening allows you to manipulate the objects and enemies of battle only with your mind. Remembering that the game is entirely without portable controllers.

The experience is only possible thanks to the learning platform of the Neurable machine, which identifies and interprets its brain activities in real time, thus allowing virtual powers of telekinesis. “Our machine-learning pipeline was done in a Unity-compatible SDK. With the Neurable SDK, Unity developers can easily interact with brain activity as a control input in any game they choose.

You who are interested in creating new experiences with Neurable, visit the developer page



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