Truth or myth? Does the smartphone battery have a reserve when it reaches 1%?

Have you also noticed that sometimes the battery when it reaches 1% lasts longer than normal and ends up giving you a force for not having taken it around?

It’s pretty much the same as when you, a friend or family member walks out with the car with the gas warning light on, running the risk of running out of gas halfway. In cars this really is true, every car has a fuel reserve for extreme cases, which is activated when the warning light comes on. But what about smartphones?

It turns out that in smartphones this is myth, this impression is given because the battery is new, so hang on for longer the charge. When the battery is already older, the charge lasts much less, you may notice this.

In smartphones it is also possible that there is a visual failure of the battery. Therefore, a problem in communicating your device with the battery gives you incorrect information with the actual percentage of the battery.


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