Galaxy Note 8 is introduced and Samsung hopes to overcome failure of Note 7

The launch of the smartphone is the first launch so waiting after the great failure of Note 7, which overheated and even exploded.

On the 23rd, in New York City, Galaxy Note 8 was presented with great expectation by the users and people present. It is one of the most anticipated smartphones in the history of Samsung. The Galaxy Note 8 is the successor to the great failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which came with a very grotesque defect. The appliance overheated until it exploded. The smartphone was taken off line after several cases of explosions and complaints, causing an estimated loss of 17 billion dollars for the company corena Samsung.

In any case, the company has been showing great results, especially on electronic components such as chips. By the second quarter of this year, profit had been $ 12.6 billion, a margin 72% higher than in the same period last year, equaling the first quarter of this year. Of course, the numbers would have been exorbitantly larger had there been no problem with Note 7.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 8 is an attempt by the Korean giant to consolidate itself at the top of the mobile phone sales market. In the first quarter of 2017, Samsung was at the top of the list with no less than 78 million handsets sold, down 3 million from the previous year, reducing its market share by 3.3, with a total of 20.7 Total market.

The other giant Apple comes in second place on the list, having 52 million handsets sold, followed by Huawei with 34 million, then Oppo with 32, and Vivo with 26 million. Highlighting the Chinese brands, which until the previous year were not even on the best-selling list.

Past information and some leaked images indicate that the Galaxy Note 8 is a slightly larger version of the Galaxy S8, another line of Samsung smartphones. Note 8 comes with a great novelty, the device uses 8 rear cameras, a new trend in which not yet it did not exist in the line Note.

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